Should I buy a diesel car in 2017?

PSA group (Citroen, Peugeot and DS Automobiles) have one of the strongest reputations for cutting edge technology in the Diesel market place. Our HDi engines use common rail technology, in which just one rail supplies all the injectors with fuel at very high pressure.

This electronically controlled system optimises the air-fuel mix in all conditions of use, significantly reducing both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, meaning these engines are not only efficient, but also better for the environment.

Our latest generation of BlueHDI engines provide an exceptional balance of refinement, performance, economy and emissions, using advanced technology to filter out 99.9% of diesel particulates and destroy 90% of nitrogen oxide (NOX) particulates.So, to summarise, we suggest that when looking at a new car, check how many miles a year you do and do some calculations on which will work out cheaper, Petrol or Diesel.

You can use Citroen's real world MPG figures for guidance on this:

Fuel cost calculator: