COMFORTABLE AND CONNECTED Introducing the Citroen C3 FROM £15305 OTR


A hatch with a truly inspired look, New Citroën C3 stands out from the crowd thanks to its distinctive and bold design. With the option of 97 exterior colour combinations, each one is unique.

When it comes to comfort, New Citroën C3 sets the benchmark with its new Advanced Comfort Seats and supple suspension. It is both modern and connected, and also offers up to 11 driver assistance systems including new Front Parking Assistance.

INTERIOR Contemporary and welcoming, New Citroën C3’s interior has been designed to ensure serenity reigns supreme. The CITROËN ADVANCED COMFORT® programme delivers innovative, technological and intelligent solutions to create wellbeing for drivers and passengers alike, and confirm Citroën’s driving-comfort credentials. Four main themes are at the heart of this comfort engineering: the cocoon effect, practicality, fluidity and peace of mind.
ADVANCED COMFORT SEATS New Citroën C3 benefits from seats with wide cushions and backrests, inspired by the furniture industry. Their design, a 100% Citroën innovation, guarantees the continued softness of the seat cushion, without any sagging. The Advanced Comfort seats provide unparalleled driving comfort on both short and long journeys, with passengers in the front also benefiting from optimum lumbar support.
SPACIOUS AND COMPACT New Citroën C3 delivers a remarkable feeling of interior space, both in the front and in the rear, with its generous legroom particularly notable. Agile and manoeuvrable, New Citroën C3 has compact dimensions which are ideal for an urban environment, with a length of just of 3.99m. For even greater practicality, it is fitted with electric folding door mirrors*
3 INTERIOR AMBIANCES The exterior customisation range for New Citroën C3 is matched inside, with an interior designed to act as a real living space, where peace of mind is guaranteed. The passenger compartment immerses its occupants in a cocoon of comfort. Each interior ambiance features bespoke dashboard, seats and door trims, creating a warm and welcoming environment for all passengers.
    EXTERIOR A hatch with a truly inspired look, New Citroën C3 stands out from the crowd thanks to its distinctive and bold design
    AIRBUMP ®* The new design of the Airbump ® side panels develops the robust look that characterises the exterior style of New Citroën C3. Even better, they effectively protect the bodywork from everyday knocks. Each panel is now made up of three sculpted capsules, and are located low down on the doors and with the first capsule highlighted with either a White, Red or Anodised Emerald surround to match the colour chosen for the fog light surrounds.
    CUSTOMISATION Choose from discreet or a bold appearance thanks to the vast range of exterior colour combinations available on New Citroën C3. Choosing your ideal C3 is easy thanks to ready-made colour packs that matches exterior highlights with a bi-tone roof. Or if you’d like, feel free to mix up colour packs, roof colours and body colours making a total of 97 colour combinations possible.
    NEW FRONT DESIGN More assertive and dynamic, the front of New Citroën C3 is inspired by the CXPERIENCE concept car. The chevrons and the chrome strips run right through to the LED day-running lights, emphasising the vehicle’s width. Its new LED headlights add a hi-tech look, while the front fog lights, located in the lower part of the front end, feature colour surrounds.