ELECTRIC DREAMS Introducing Citroëns Range of Electric Cars 100% Electric or Hybrid


Citroën have been busy developing an Electric range including Hybrid and 100% Electric. Combining Citroëns advanced comfort with technology, the vehicle range is expanding and there is now an electric vehicle for most people.

We understand that switching to Electric can seem like a big step, that's why our sales team are trained to help make that step a little smaller. We can help with your enquiry from start to finish, explaining everything and making sure that it's the right step for you.

    New Citroën ë-C4 100% Electric New Citroën ë-C4 100% electric allows you to drive in all-electric mode on a daily basis. Enjoy being free from the noise and vibration of road surfaces and from the stress of the outside world. Travel in peace, in a cocoon-like environment where all external stresses are filtered out. Savour the quiet driving experience, with its direct acceleration and smooth suspension, giving you real driving pleasure. REGISTER YOUR INTEREST
    Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid Combine environmental awareness with driving pleasure with the Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid plug-in. Enjoy the quiet of 100% electric driving for your daily journeys and let its 180 hp petrol engine take you even further. Benefit from dedicated services including charging scheduling and cabin temperature pre-conditioning. REGISTER YOUR INTEREST
    New Citroën ë-Berlingo 100% Electric With New Citroën ë-Berlingo, all those who enjoy an active life and are concerned about the environment, whatever their age, will find this the ideal, practical and versatile partner with which to enjoy all their leisure activities, with even greater peace of mind. REGISTER YOUR INTEREST
    New Citroën ë-SpaceTourer 100% Electric All the qualities of Citroën SpaceTourer are now available in a fully ëlectric version. It has a benchmark range of up to 143 miles (WLTP test cycle). Up to 80% vehicle charge may be achieved in 30 minutes from a 100kw rapid charging station, making it the ideal companion for all your journeys, and all without any CO2 emissions at tailpipe. REGISTER YOUR INTEREST
    Concept Car - AMI 100% Electric In its 101st year, Citroën made its mark by unveiling its 100% electric AMI – an all-new mobility solution inspired by the AMI ONE Concept. It is a total non-conformist! 2 seats, 100% electric, comfortable and protective, compact and agile, highly customisable. With a unique character that challenges established codes. AMI isn’t available to order in the UK, but we’d love to know what level of interest there is out there. REGISTER YOUR INTEREST
    NEW CITROËN C5 X Hybrid With C5 X, Citroën breathes new life into the large car segment with an original design that elegance of a saloon, the versatility of an estate and the commanding presence of an SUV. New Citroën C5 X, available with petrol and plug-in hybrid engines, will be on sale in late 2021. REGISTER YOUR INTEREST
    ALL CHARGED UP We understand that people are at different stages of their Electric journey, some are taking the first steps whilst others are on their second or third electric vehicle. We're here to help make that journey simpler, we can talk to you about making those first steps right the way through to charging solutions and the benefits that an electric vehicle can give you.
    THE CHARGING SOCKET The charging socket features a colour-coded LED indicator that helps you visually follow the charging process. You can also check the charging status via the My Citroën app. Charging is simple and can be scheduled - for example you can programme the car to charge at off-peak times to benefit from lower electricity costs. You can schedule a charge either using the touchscreen in the car, or on your smartphone via the My Citroën app.
    SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT CHARGING SOLUTIONS When you’re away from home or place of work, there’s a large public charging network available across the UK. You can obtain up to 80% of the vehicle charge in just 30 minutes using a 100kW* charger.​ To assist with charging at home, your Citroën retailer can introduce you to our charging partner Pod Point.
    THE MY CITROËN APP MyCitroën app allows you manage a number of functions from your phone remotely*. Check the level of charge and available range of your vehicle Set charging times Set the start of heating/cooling preconditioning, the temperature inside the cabin will be automatically set to 21°C.
    ACCESSABLE TECHNOLOGY All of our electric models embody modern, innovative electric mobility, whilst offering exceptional comfort and versatility. Combining a beautiful driving experience with Citroëns Advanced Comfort and Technology, the heart of a Citroën still remains at the centre of our new electric vehicles.
    THREE FLEXIBLE DRIVING MODES Optimisation of the vehicle driving characteristics is possible via three available driving modes that can be changed by using the mode selector: 'Normal mode' provides the best balance between range and dynamic performance. 'Eco mode' optimises energy consumption for maximum range and 'Sport mode' prioritises performance providing maximum power and torque.
    INTUITIVE TECHNOLOGIES The specific instrument panel always displays the battery charge status and the consumption gauge for electrical equipment such as the heating and air conditioning. Its 7-inch touchscreen has an "Energy" section for all the information dedicated to specific electrical features, such as the deferred charging options for programming the charge for the time you want. The information displayed allows you to keep on top of your electricity consumption and optimise your driving. With the energy flow status you can visualise the electrical technology in operation.
    BATTERY WARRANTY We understand that the purchase of a new vehicle is a big decision. To confirm our commitment to the new technology is an 8 year/100,000 mile warranty is provided on the traction battery up to 70% of its charging capacity.