Chief Constable Anthony Bangham Calls For The 10% Buffer On Speed Limits To Be Scrapped

Chief Constable Anthony Bangham has called for the 10 per cent buffer on speed limits to be scrapped and for an increase in the use of fines and penalty points for those caught.

Commenting on the news, Joshua Harris, Director of Campaigns at road safety charity Brake, said: “Speed limits are exactly that, limits, set at the top speed that it is safe to drive on any particular road. Drivers who go beyond these limits are behaving recklessly and endangering the lives of themselves and others.

"Brake wholeheartedly supports Chief Constable Anthony Bangham’s view that a zero-tolerance approach to speeding is required, sending a clear signal that breaking the law is not acceptable.

“Speeding penalties must prove an effective deterrent and Brake supports Chief Constable Bangham’s call for the increased use of fines and penalty points.

"Public perception over the acceptability of speeding needs to change and this can only happen with clarity in the law and penalties which truly deter offending.

“The speed of a vehicle is the key factor determining the severity of injury caused in any road crash; faster speeds mean greater stopping distances and more forceful impacts.

"In 2016, there were five deaths a day on our roads on average, this is a truly shocking figure and any intervention which helps put an end to these needless tragedies should be welcomed."

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